Live in the present and every day will be your birthday.

The present has always been an inconvenience to me. I’m always ruminating over the future or wishingchristmas wrap 2 time would go by faster so that I could get to a better place, a more interesting day or a better experience. i have stacks of books on how to be more Present and Live in the Moment.

I have Read and Read and Read. I couldn’t get past nodding my head in agreement at the words in the page and then biting my nails down to the quick in nervous anticipation of some dreaded event in the future or lingered on memories like a Saturday morning coffee. I was starting to get mentally lazy and allowing myself to slip into anxiety at the slightest provocation. 

While honeymooning in BC my husband in his compassionate and thoughtful way recommended that I read Eckhart Tolle’s

“The Power of Now”. I had read it years ago and to be honest, I wasn’t in the state I was in a month ago and it didn’t resonate. I picked up a copy and from page one, it clicked. Eckhart talks about the “pain body” which is a manifestation of the emotional energy we generate. When regularly projecting onto the future or living in your mind alone (and not in the present moment) the pain body gets bigger and eventually becomes it’s own entity, a false self that gorges itself on your anger, fear or other emotions.

This pain-body wants us to be afraid of what the future could bring. But the reality is that fear of the future is grounded on thought alone and not reality. The reality is that if the crap hits the fan, you have two options: accept the situation or work towards changing it. 

What this has meant for me is that I’ve started enjoying the heck out of every moment of my life. Yes, things have happened. But I’ve learned that the crappy experiences only last as long as I’m experiencing them. Once it’s over and it’s in the past, it no longer affects me. And my present continues to be peaceful and happy. 

This book has changed my life and has given me the greatest gift ever: my present.





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