How to make time for fitness.

timeTime is the biggest reason why people don’t exercise regularly. As mentioned in my previous post, we make time for things that are important to us.

There are always pockets of time – how many extra hours do you spend at work? How many meals do you make fresh that could be made in advance?

We always assume we have to get up at 5am to hit the treadmill or neglect our families and friends in order to work out. You don’t have to. In fact, when you try and change your routine too drastically in order to fit exercise in, you’re more likely to abandon your fitness goals.

What you want to do is find pockets of time that you can allocate to fitness. It could be your lunch hour, a couple of hours on the weekend, a half hour after dinner. Think about the time you have and then determine what you can do in that time.

Going for a walk after dinner four times per week is a good start if it gets you moving. Hitting up a high intensity interval training session through Fitness Blender (it’s an amazing, free website) for 30 minutes before you go grocery shopping might be the thing for you.

If you have a family,  think about activities you can do with your kids. You can do a mini-Bootcamp at the park while they play.

You can also prep food in advance by cooking multiple chicken breasts and making a big salad. This will free up some evening time (…and will help you eat healthier too!) Have your exercise clothes ready when you get home so that you can quickly slip into them.

You do not need to have two hours to get a good workout in. If you’re just starting out 30 minutes two times per week is a great start. You can build from there as you start to develop more goals and your fitness level increases.






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