Rise and thrive – why I love shakes so much.

The most important meal of the day is my least favorite meal of the day. The healthy breakfasts – those cardboard flavoured cereals or egg white omelets don’t do it for me.  That changed when I discovered shakes for breakfast.

shakeWhat I love about having a shake is that it’s portable if need be, it’s easy to consume and you can load up on the good stuff – whatever your body needs easily. When you wake in the morning, you essentially have reset yourself – you are a clean slate hormonally (if that’s even a word…) and unless you were up at night worrying about something, your stress levels are at an even keel. So putting the best food or drink in your body gives you the kind of start that Best Day Evers are made of.

All you need is some delicious ingredients and something to grind it up with. The best option for someone looking to give it a go is a blender. Get a decent, reliable brand and you should be able to get a couple of good years out of it. The “Bullets” – Magic and Nutri are both utter wastes of money. My Magic Bullet lasted about 6 months of daily use and my Nutri Bullet was still alive a year after I bought it but I turfed it because it annoyed me so much by unwinding the lid and spewing my shake all over my kitchen.

The next thing you need are ingredients. A good rule of thumb is to include: leafy green vegetables, a healthy fat, something with antioxidants, a protein source, a source of delish and a liquid.

Here are some options to get you inspired:

Leafy greens: spinach (will not affect the taste), kale (could give it a “green” taste), mixed greens

Healthy fat: nut butter, coconut oil, chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado

Antioxidants: berries, either fresh or frozen

Protein: plant protein powder (Vega and  Sun Warrior are great brands), whey powder, hemp hearts, beans (only if you have a blender that can handle them), yogurt

Source of delish: banana, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, fruit, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, dates

Liquid: almond milk, cow’s milk, water, ice cubes

You can also add other healthy options to your shake. I love Amazing Grass as an addition  to get a little extra greens into my diet. Some people like to add spirulina (in small quantities), turmeric or bee pollen.

Don’t get trapped in a banana, yogurt, strawberry rut either – there are so many options to choose from.






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