Sugar-free me…week two and what I’ve learned about making changes.

RASSnowWhi_Page03I’m hoping that I’ve turned a corner because the three days prior were awful. I felt like that girl from The Exorcist. It didn’t help that some of my colleagues were against giving up sugar and were being vocal about it.  Right now I’m at the stage where I’m almost wondering why I am doing this  in the first place. And yeah good point – why did I start doing it in the first place?

If you want to make any sort of change in your life, you have to be really clear on why you are doing it. I have some superficial reasons, like wanting to have less rashes taking up real estate on my face and more energy. Realistically though, in the face of a mighty sugar craving I know that the tube of Cover FX in my makeup bag will clear up that issue right away.

My real reasons for ditching sugar is that I want  to regain my dignity around sweets instead of attacking them as so I’ll never eat again as well as be free from this kind of emotional crutch.

I got to this place by being really honest with myself about behaviors that I”m not 100% happy with. I could have stayed in happysafefuperficial land and focused on my rash, but my sugar consumption was a thorn in my side. It was making me feel like a hypocrite and it flew in the face of what I talk to people about every day.  Eventually I knew that I’d have to get my crap together and put my money where my mouth is (literally) and stop eating things that didn’t jibe with my goals.

Self awareness is the only way a person can make a meaningful and lasting change. You have to know yourself before you can make any changes. If you habitually eat chocolate in order to cope with a boring job or a crummy relationship, you need to know this in advance before you decide to make changes. If you need a drink to wind down at the end of the day, you have to know what’s triggering this before you can exchange it for a cup of tea. If not, the new behavior change is never going to stick.

There are a lot of ways to get self-aware and to institute new changes.

Pay attention to your emotions. We’re pretty good at pressing on in the face of things like fear, anger, sadness or boredom. I could loathe my job and I will go in faithfully daily. And it is in those situations when I start reaching for the choccies. Your emotions are a big signal as to what is going on in your mind. Taking steps to put yourself in a happier place will facilitate the change you are looking for much faster than fighting it out in an unhappy place. More often than not, being unhappy and trying something new makes the unhappy situation unbearable and you have to make a hasty escape or you ditch the new behavior.

Take some time for you. Long walks, baths, longer showers or a solo drive can be great times when you can get away and let your mind wander and land in those little vulnerable places you guard with your life when you are amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Listen for that quiet voice that’s telling you that you’ve always wanted to speed read or become a better artist.

Don’t let your ego take charge. You know what I mean. It’s what makes you slap your credit card down and spend $200 on a fancy juicer so that you can commence your healthy lifestyle.  When you are contemplating change, don’t spend a cent. Don’t make plans for when it materializes. Just go about the business of making progress one decision at a time. Eating better happens with each meal, not after you’ve equipped your kitchen with the best gadgets possible. Behind the ego shouting at you to do something is the quiet little you in the background.

And on that note commit to getting a better understanding about the why behind this behavior change and not the great results. Results are not reasons. Losing 10 pounds is not a reason to lose weight. It’s the result. You have to question why you want  to lose 10 pounds. Maybe it’s not the weight, maybe it’s that you are embarrassed to be out of breath when you walk up a flight of stairs. And maybe that embarrassment is the result of how you feel about getting older.

Dig deep and you’ll find the gold.





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