The easiest way to get fitter.

stairsIf you don’t have time to hit the gym you really don’t like it, the best way to get fitter is to simply move more and to do more with your body.

Back in the day, there was no treadmill or weight room. In fact, our great-grandparents probably would have laughed to see us all “working out”. That’s because they worked – physically.

There are a number of modern conveniences that you can do without that would jack up your physical activity.

Housework…toss your Swiffer (the chemicals in the cleaner are suspicious anyways) and get an old fashioned mop. Mopping will get your heart rate up and work your upper body. Don’t keep a wastebasket in every room, get up and put your trash in the kitchen garbage. Adding a little “elbow grease” to your housework, using pure might versus chemicals that will increase your level of physical activity.

Escalators…unless you are carrying a giant bag of whatever or are nursing an injury, you should never be on one of those. Elevators too for that matter. Every person (without an injury or medical condition) should be able to clear two flights of stairs. And if you want to train your heart even more, tough out the three floors up to your office and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Shopping carts….if you are at the grocery store to shop for 10 items, bring a basket and carry that stuff instead of pushing around a half-full cart. Keep you hands, forearms and biceps nice and strong by using them!

Walk more – year round…while it’s incredibly tempting to take a cab or get off at the closest possible subway stop or park as close to your destination as possible, winter shouldn’t be a reason why you don’t move around very much. There are a ton of cold weather clothing options now. And it’s good to feel the winter chill. Our ancestors had to do chores outside in sub-zero temperatures. You can walk for 15 minutes in the cold and it won’t harm you.

Get up and move at work…sitting has been touted as the new smoking. I don’t think it’s that severe per se, but I do think that we need to get up and move every so often. This can include standing up to read a printed document, getting up and speaking face to face with a colleague, walking to the farthest kitchen to refill your water bottle or doing a few stretches at your desk.

Make physical activity part of your leisure time….you don’t have to be signing up for a marathon on your weekend to be more active on your off-time. Going to a museum or art gallery, doing a walking tour of your town or a neighbouring town, doing some window shopping are all all things you can do in your spare time that will get you moving.

Being a active doesn’t always mean sweating it out in the gym, moderate activity can be found anywhere.



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