Happiness is the best get rich quick scheme.

moneyAs the season of crass consumerism comes upon us, anxiety levels rise over getting and receiving the right gifts. The reality is that the majority of these gifts will end up on a Value Village shelf or in a landfill in two years when the item fails to make you happy.

Many of us will also shell out for new trainers, gym memberships, French courses or anything else that will improve us and make us happier people. You’ve already got all the necessary tools to be happy without new things.

Your body may or may not be used to its fullest potential. We need to exert ourselves with activity several times a week. Cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling, boxing or stair-climbing to name a few) will lift your spirits and get your happy hormones buzzing in no time. The rush and relief after an intense weight training session will help you handle stress much better and provide a good release. Stretching regularly helps you slow down and re-connect to your body. People who train regularly are generally happier people. You don’t need a gym membership or new outfit to exercise. You need a skipping rope, some decent shoes and a few hand weights. 

Your mind needs to be cleared of all the clutter regularly. How happy would you be if your kitchen counter was piled high with dishes? This is what your mind looks like on an average day. Side quietly for 10-15 minutes per day and let go of your inner dialogue. Be more mindful of your thoughts and reactions and start replacing the “oh why bother” type of thoughts with more positive, encouraging ones.

Your spirit is an important part of you but is often neglected. Many people have been jaded by certain organized religions and have abandoned the community and the quest for the deeper truths in life. These days there are many avenues for exploring the currently unknown. Most people are happier when they feel like their lives have a bigger meaning and a bigger purpose. It goes beyond the Ego’s need for wearing the best clothes and having the latest phone (though I have to be honest and say a part of me still likes nice clothes and flashy gadgets).

Get happy and get rich. You won’t be one of those people gloomy when the  first credit card bill of 2015 comes in.


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