The sweet taste of the holidays. Without the added sugar.

yuleMy commitment to this sugar-free me is going to be interesting during the holidays. I’ve been reflecting a lot on it. All my favorite baked goods are during the holiday season. My birthday is in just over two weeks. So how do I navigate the season of tempting treats without the added sugar?

I’m looking to re-frame the holiday season. In the past, I’ve looked forward to the food that I ate – particularly the sweet treats. This year, I’ve reflected on the things that I am looking forward to that don’t involve food.

On my birthday, I’m looking forward to being pampered, trying something new, celebrating life. I’ve already requested a healthy meal and high adventure on the day. That week I’m going to have a mani-pedi and hit the Body Blitz spa. 

On Yule, I will be communing with the Gods and with my community. It will be a great time to spend time spinning yarn with my friends. I have two birthday cohorts so we’ll be able to celebrate together and swap birthday stories.

Christmas will be about tradition and connecting with family over Skype. I plan on enjoying some cozy time in front of a real tree with a Christmas special on Netflix. At dinner I’m going to enjoy spending time with my good friends over a great meal.

New Years will be about getting dressed up and glamorous for the night. I am looking forward to the fireworks and seeing people that i haven’t seen since the last New Year’s party.

The holidays without sugar will still be sweet. Without the sugar hangover.


One thought on “The sweet taste of the holidays. Without the added sugar.

  1. It’s hard to bake successfully without sugar. Cakes seem to require at least some sugar, but it can indeed be reduced. Stevia works well for me in puddings, yogurt, chocolate goodies and lemon things, but still, a little sugar seems to brighten even these things up. The only way around it seems to be no baked goodies at all if you want to avoid sugar completely. You are ON to something! I loved your post :).


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