Don’t fight the sugar beast alone.

cacaoI’ve been going about this sugar thing wrong. Completely abstaining from dessert and the occasional treat hasn’t been easy. And now that I’ve been pretty much off sugar for a month, It causes gastric distress if I even sneak a random cookie.

I realized that I’ve been so successful in eating healthy all these years is because I’ve found healthy things that I’ve been able to enjoy but they resonate with my body. I love a good homemade black bean burger on a sprouted wheat bun instead of a fast food burger. Or a cold glass of Kombucha instead of beer. 

I need to do this with the food I formerly enjoyed. A new project has been born. I have been collecting sugar-free chocolate from Giddy Yo-Yo (yes, that exists!), raw cacao and sugar-free granola. I’m re-inventing treats. I’m going to start treating myself in a way that contributes to my vitality.

I’m hoping to put together some recipes and desserts, the first one I’m going to tackle a chia seed, coconut milk and raw cacao mousse. On top I will sprinkle berries.

As well, I can make chia seed pudding with almond milk, chia seeds and topped with low sugar granola as a post-workout snack. On that I discovered is The Georgian Bay Granola Company which can be found in most good natural food stores in Toronto (like The Big Carrot).

This whole sugar thing has potential to turn out pretty sweet.


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