Don’t ignore your body’s warning signs.

20141211_070612_resizedI had my aura captured in this photo a couple of weeks ago. In the accompanying booklet, it said that I’d have a rush of creative energy very soon. It also indicated that while I don’t seem stressed out, I’m wearing down my batteries and that I have an excess of Yang (active masculine) energy. This made sense to me because I’ve spent the past ten years working towards aggressive goals, overcoming losses and building the life I have today.

So I kept this information in the back of my mind. I later read “Take Charge of your Life” by William Glasser which is about internal control psychology. In the book, he talks about how creative our bodies are in creating illnesses in response to things in life that we are ignoring. He proposes that most dis-eases are the result of our immune systems and bodies coping with the situations our minds put ourselves in.

I’ve had Lupus for about 20 years and this resonated with me. Autoimmune dis-eases are not caused by an external pathogen, they are generated by our own immune systems being “creative” in attacking healthy tissue. Essentially my body is fighting an illness that doesn’t exist. And to a certain extent, I try to control problems in life that don’t exist through being hyper-vigilant and over-planning everything. 

I’ve been reflecting on issues of control and letting go. And in the spirit of letting go, I decided to have a massage to release some of the tension in my muscles. During the massage I learned that the left side of my body from neck to heel is incredibly tight. The right side is loose. Clearly my body is reacting to something.

It makes sense to me, I’m left handed and my “control” hand would be my left. As well, I’m likely overusing my left brain and not letting my right brain express my creative side. Initially I was irritated and said that I don’t have time for this. But as I ask my clients – do I have time for stroke in the near future?

I’ve ordered a copy of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. It seems like a good place to start. It’s a 12 week program to help nudge my inner artist out of the weight room.

What’s your body telling you? Where does it hurt? Asking yourself these questions and providing your body with the things it needs to thrive could save your life.


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