How worrying creates inflation in your life.

burningcdnmoneyNobody likes paying more than they should have for something. In Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” he writes about Benjamin Franklin’s biggest regret in life was that he paid too much for a whistle when he was a boy. He connected paying too much for a material object to putting an excessive amount of your emotional and mental resources.

We are fools when we overpay for a thing in terms of what it takes out of our very existence.”

This really resonated with me because I’m notorious for over-thinking and worrying about every event in my life in the  days leading up to it. All the great advice about “99% of what you worry about doesn’t happen” didn’t really stick with me. It wasn’t until I realized that by worrying over things, I’m putting a lot more energy into whatever it is that I’m worrying about.

I then started to wonder what kinds of things I could accomplish or new things I could do if I wasn’t squandering my energy on worrying. Sometimes our habits keep us “stuck” in a safe, comfortable place. There are lots of things I’d like to do, start public speaking, teach another fitness class – but my mental energy is wrapped up in other things.

Worrying is an expensive habit.



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