You aren’t perfect and neither is anyone else.

imperfectionFor some reason the idea that we have to exercise five or more times per week is now the standard. When looking at weight loss, 1200 calories per day has been the default number. Often, fitness and nutrition is used to develop aspirations that aren’t realistic. If you are not exercising at all, hitting the gym five times per week is a big leap.

We all have areas where we excel and where we need work. Nobody is perfect. There are some people who really love the gym and getting there five times per week is easy for them. For others which could include people with busy careers, families or irregular schedules, it`s important to accept that it`s not going to happen. 

By accepting that the ideal situation (that was entirely created in your mind) isn`t realistic, you will be able to set some goals that are attainable and sustainable. For example, I know for myself that I hate routine. I also have an irregular sleep schedule. So I`ve set a fitness routine for myself that I have committed to accomplishing each week. It doesn`t happy at the same times and on the same days, but it gets done. It allows me to catch up on sleep and to spend time with friends.

I also know that I really dislike stretching and yoga. This is probably why I can`t touch my toes. I`ve given up the idea of buying passes to local studios. For me, a good stretch for 10 minutes before bed is tolerable, maintains the range of motion I require for weight-lifting and running and I can sustain this over the long term. I`m no longer donating money to yoga studios.

It`s important to be honest with yourself about your strengths and your limitations. Save yourself a ton of stress by hiring people to help with the things you are not good at or at least minimizing the role it plays in your life. Do what you like on a schedule that suits you. If running on your treadmill every day at 5am isn`t working for you, try doing it on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. That`s still two times per week of running or walking a good way to get started and to continue to be active.

Being imperfect isn`t a liability, but an opportunity to explore the things that matter to you.



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