Love food? That’s great news. Here’s how to love it and eat well.

loveI’ve always called myself a foodie. I’ll travel to the other side of the city to sample some funky mushroom and have been known to shell out top dollar for good cheese. But I also “loved” sugary treats and salty snacks. 

A lot of us say we love food, but when we really examine what we are eating, it’s not love – it’s habit or addiction or whatever other reason why we are eating the food. When I pulled the sugar out of my diet, it made me start to really examine my relationship with food.

For starters, I was crowding out food with treats that didn’t resemble food. Yogurty’s was a favorite spot of mine. All the different flavours of frozen yogurt and toppings. I liked it because I thought it was “healthier” because it is yogurt and low fat. The other side of it was that it is essentially frozen chemicals to flavour the yogurt and who knows what else. Instead of having a banana flavoured frozen yogurt, I’m having a banana. No flavour needed! If I’m feeling like a little something more I’ll smear some natural peanut butter on. This is food and this is love.

There is a world of flavours out there for foodies to explore that come in a whole food package. Pickles, kim chi, wild mushrooms, exotic fruits, coconut to name a few of the delights that will nourish you and show your taste buds and nose a good time.

If you love food and you are finding that you are having a tough time managing your relationship with food, time to step up your game. If you are over 40 (or close to it), you shouldn’t be buying your snacks at the gas station or convenience store. That stuff is for 12 year old kids. You don’t buy your jewelry at the dollar store, why would you cheap out on food that is going to directly to your cells?

If you are seriously wanting to experience a piece of chocolate melting on your tongue, get yourself a truffle from Godiva. Sure one truffle costs the same as an entire box of Pot of Gold chocolates, but you’ve probably eaten plenty of those in your time, it’s time for an upgrade.

If you love food, get out of the junk food rut. That’s not food to love.


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