Breaking the Egyptian curse.

tutKing Tut’s curse has long fascinated me. I always said that if I had a terminal illness, I’d visit his tomb and see if the curse that any visitor to his tomb would die an unnatural death is true. I’m pretty superstitious and wouldn’t take any chances while I’m in good health.

Another Egyptian curse is one of envy. Apparently, if someone notices and compliments a person on a something they have, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible because it’s somewhat cursed now. 

I’ve cursed myself in a similar way – I often hide my light for fear that it’ll offend someone or my pride will enrage the universe and it’ll be taken away from me. Totally immature I know, but I devised the curse when I was about seven years old.

We’re so afraid to share our gifts or our blessings. What we do instead is post safe pictures on Facebook and downplay our accomplishments when people give us a genuine compliment.

It’s possible to be humble and confident at the same time. An arrogant person will hear a story of success and try to one up the other person. A confident, but humble person will celebrate with their friend and tell a story to relate to that person. To be humble is to listen to, connect with and honour the people and animals around you. It doesn’t mean you need to trash talk your thighs or to compare yourself to others.

Gratitude is hard for me, but I’m working on it.  I’m superstitious about being too attached or happy in a situation and I haven’t found the right balance yet. I also struggle with drawing attention to my talents and accomplishments. I’ve spent many years allowing the “things” I have collected in life to define me and while I bring more authenticity to my life, the new things that come along with it are closer to the core of who I am.

What motivates me to change is the pain of upholding this outdated way of life is keeping me from thriving and from getting to the genuine life I want to live.



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