Meal Prep Monday

spoonEvery Monday, I cook for the entire week. I like what Mel Joulwan, author of Well Fed, says about meal prep vs. cooking dinner. She says [and I’m paraphrasing] the she enjoys creating food in the kitchen which is a lot different than the race against time [and hunger] in order to get dinner on the table. I hate that feeling too. Usually I’ve nibbled and sampled my way through the prep and by the time I sit down for my meal I have a full belly.

So I meal prep for me and for my husband. We don’t eat a different meals every single day. We repeat a lot [especially me, but I like what I like and if it tastes good, why wouldn’t I want to eat it more frequently.] It’s a lot of work but I enjoy a little kitchen witchery every week with my trusty (and well loved) wooden spoon. I know what’s in the food I make from scratch and I can control the salt and the healthy fats so that we’re getting what we need without excess.

My menu for this week:

seasoning.jpgTaco Salad – browned ground turkey seasoned with Simply Organic spicy taco seasoning, avocadoes, salsa, spinach, chopped veggies and cashew sour cream. For some crunch on the side, Mary’s Crackers.

Pumpkin chili a la Thug Kitchen with organic  blue corn chips. [I avoid non-organic corn because conventional corn is a GMO product]

Black Bean Burgers from the Oh She Glows cookbook on a bun of grilled eggplant and topped with salsa, cheddar, guac. Will be served with a simple dijon and white wine vinegar potato salad – no recipe, just making it as I go.

Chicken Shawarma and Sweet Potato Fry bowls.

Brussel Sprout Salad with shredded brussel sprouts (roasted with 2 garlic cloves and mustardbit of coconut oil on 350 for 15 minutes and tossed every 5), watermelon radish (if I can find it in this city), 1 beet, 1 carrot, 1/4 cup red onion, 1 cup toasted coconut, 1/2 cup roasted macadamia nuts. The dressing will be 1/3 balsamic, 1/2 cup olive oil and 1 TBS Kozliks Italian Mostada mustard. Note: this is the greatest mustard ever. It’s a small family in Ontario and while it’s around $6 for a jar of this stuff, it’s incredibly versatile for a number of recipes.

And then of course a ton of raw veggies for snacking and hard-boiled eggs to kick my butt out of the 3pm lull in the afternoon.

I’ts going to be a week of yum!



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