Be in the moment and don’t miss out on life’s treasures.

20170814_140524 (2) While out walking yesterday, I spotted this little pigeon. It made me not only think that this guy gives zero effs about the purpose of this food, he’s sitting on something of value and not really aware of it.

How much of our time or resources do we mindlessly spend? As a fitness professional, I talk to a lot of people who don’t have time to exercise, but when asked to track their time or think about what they are doing with their time, there are pockets realized that could be filled with a little physical activity. In my own life, I would swear I don’t have time to take a class or work on creating content, but then when I think about the time I sink into watching You Tube or on busywork, I realize that I have more resources than I seem to think.

Money is another one we squander. Vegetables purchased and discarded, clothes and household goods bought and donated. If I add up all the money I toss into a Value Village bag, I’d probably be shocked. I’m not even going to do that because I would!

Energy spent on worrying about things that aren’t real, living in the future, caught up in memories of the past. A lot of that energy could be redirected to connecting with people, planning and executing on worthwhile activities.

Mindfulness is a big buzzword right now. And while it’s everywhere, it holds truth. However, being mindful isn’t easy when you’re not here. When I’m off in another place mentally, I immediately do something pleasurable that brings me into the “now” [which doesn’t involve eating or spending money because those are often mindless, escape-type activities]. That could mean getting up and going for a walk around the block. It could mean having a chat with someone quickly. It could mean making a cup of my favorite tea and watching the steam rise up from the cup. For me, it’s also organizing my closet.

Mindfulness does not have to the result of hours clocked on the meditation cushion. You can be more mindful in life by peppering it with enjoyable and “in the moment” activities.


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