Awesome eating this Monday meal prep

spiderThis week we are continuing with the Tex-Mex theme I love so much (mostly because of guacamole which is my favorite thing right now). Also because I noticed Anthony gazing longingly at a tub of layered dip at the grocery store and decided a fun meal and homemade dip would be a good reward for him dutifully eating all the salads I prepare in the summer.

We had some great quality finds this weekend for our kitchen, including laco-fermented pickles, fermented turnips and smoked garlic scape salt.


The menu this week:

I kicked off the meal prep with a Layered Dip. The first layer is fried beans. I smooshed the beans in a bowl with my hands and then added them to a pan with some taco seasoning and water. In minutes I had amazing fried beans without the nasty of the canned stuff. Next layer was tomato salsa. Following that, ground turkey that was browned in taco seasoning. I topped that with a layer of guacamole. Then sprinkled some red and orange peppers diced tiny. I smeared on on sour cream that I whisked in some onion powder, garlic powder and a little salt and topped it with old cheddar. Along with a big bag of torillas, he has a few indulgent lunches. I made it in smaller containers so that it wouldn’t get all nasty during the week.

Continuing with the theme is Oh She Glows Tortilla Soup. I enjoy it topped with a dollop of guac or some sliced avocado. Not a fan of the tortillas, personally. If I feel like I need a starch, I’ll add a spoonful of brown rice.

I had an eggplant sitting lonely in my fridge and decided to put it to work in a Grilled Eggplant with Soba Noodles from Thug Kitchen. I deflowered this vegan dish with the second half of the pound of ground turkey.

I picked up some ostrich burgers from The Trading Post just outside of Port Perry, Ontario. Ostrich is a lot like grass fed beef but with a bit more flavour and it’s quite lean [not as lean as bison, but pretty close].

I also made Thug Kitchen‘s Spiced Chickpea Wraps with Tahini Dressing. I don’t eat it in a wrap but what I do is put it on a salad and add a dollop of tahini dressing.

Not food, but I recently discovered chaga tea which is a mushroom that grows on chagabirch trees in cold places [Siberia, Alaska, Northern Ontario]. It’s full of antioxidents, it leaves acai berries in the dust for battling free radicals and apparently is great for inflammation [good for those of us with autoimmune dis-eases]. And most importantly, it’s delicious. It’s like the magic of the forest in your mouth. I made two litres of it with seven chunks I steeped for two hours in boiled water.

The simple, staple food I made which are great with a salad is: baked chicken breasts that I annointed with smoked garlic scape salt (from Pyramid Ferments), onion powder and paprika, grilled trout with lemon and dill, brown rice prepared in chicken broth and bay leaves, a giant tub of chopped veggies, baggies of veggies and hard boiled eggs for my 3pm snack.

What I also do with the ends of my cucumbers, carrots, zucchinis etc is put them in a big container and use the veggies in my shake in the morning. For two people, I fill the Vitamix to the brim with veggies, a bit of water, vegan protein powder, collagen, cinnamon, banana and blueberries. For Anthony a glug of kefir to help him get his fill of probiotics.

When you eat awesome, you feel awesome.


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