A tamari soaked week of healthy food goodness.


I have a great love for all things fermented. A couple of weeks ago Anthony and I went to Picton, Ontario for the second annual fermented food festival. I walked away with jars of fermented treasures, despite the lack of samples the vendors were providing. Amoung my finds was a jar of real lacto-fermented pickles and fermented turnips. My belly is happy! I usually enjoy fermented foods as a snack or included in my salad bowls.

Here’s our lineup this week, much of which included tamari which is similar to soy sauce but it’s thicker, more fermented [usually] and is wheat free. It’s also more expensive than soy sauce, but that’s the price for being unable to have wheat. For those that can’t have soy, there are coconut aminos.

Chicken Pad Thai using Thug Kitchen‘s vegan recipe with chicken swapped for tofu. Anthony won’t touch tofu or soy protein which I respect, so  I baked 4 chicken breasts and chopped them up to add to the pad thai.

Split Pea Soup from the How it all Vegan cookbook.  In my slowcooker I put a cup of green split peas, 1.5 litres of chicken broth, a tsp of cumin, 2 bay leaves, 1 potato, 2 carrots, TBSP tamari and chopped smoked ham. Again, added meat to the soup so that it’s tastier and more filling. You can also add turkey kielbassa as a substitute if you can’t find decent ham.

Baked Portabello Mushrooms from the How it all Vegan cookbook. I destemmed and cleaned about 7 portabello mushrooms and sliced onion and layed the mushrooms in a baking dish with the onions on top. I put 1/2 cup almonds in my mini food processer and ground them to a powder [you could also use ground almonds]. I mixed these with 1/4 cup tamari, 1/4 cup olive oil, 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar, tsp italian seasoning, 1/2 cup water, 2 garlic cloves. I then poured the sauce on and baked for 40 minutes on 350. I am going to serve this on top of quinoa with some goat cheese and the sauce drizzed over top.

Quinoa – I use the Instant Pot and I mix 1.5 cups chicken broth with 1 cup quinoa, 2 bay leaves and a bit of salt. I set the IP to 1 minute and let it cook. After 10 minutes of decompressing I can take it out. It’s fluffy and flavourful.

Dill and Lemon Baked Trout. It’s a staple – either trout or salmon. I eat fish at least once per day because with my Lupus, having omega 3s helps my skin heal if I’ve had a flare up affecting my skin. Plus it tastes really good!

Sweet Dijon Turkey Meat Balls – I’ve still got some the current flavour of my Kozlik’s mustard left. I think everyone should have a jar of this in their fridge. Great for smearing on meat for quick flavour, making dressing or brightening up a sauce.

Slow Cooked Sweet Potatoes – I’m a huge fan of sweet potatoes. They are so good for you, inexpensive and very easy to prepare and eat. I love to make them in the slow cooker. It’s not messy and I’m not worried about having something baking wrapped in aluminum foil as sweet potatoes are often prepared. To make, you rinse them in water, don’t dry and place in the slow cooker for cook for about 8 hours. This length of time is good and they come out fairly firm. I just peel and slice and put them in the fridge.

I’m also making an endless supply of chaga tea. I’ve been reading that it helps the immune system by boosting when needed or backing off when too active. I hope it’s true, because that would be awesome. My immune system is my main problem. But at any rate, mushrooms are good for us and I’m down for anything healthy and tasty. Half a bag of chaga chunks makes about a week’s worth of tea [the way I drink it which is one mug every day]. I just steep 1/2 a bag for 2 hours and then pour into a large bottle from Ikea and refridgerate. I heat it up when needed. I dry out the chaga chunks on a plate and I repeat this about 4 times.

Happy eating and drinking this week!




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