Beautiful Balanced Bites – my week of meal prep.

Balance is really key when you are meal prepping. I tend to favour high flavour foods, especially because we have a lot of repeated meals to keep it interesting and it usually includes chili powder or curry. It’s important to plan everything out so that you aren’t heavy in one thing. I follow recipes for most dishes because I like trying new things and by the time I’ve memorized a dish, I’ve made it so many times I’m sick of it and ready to try something new.

This week I tried out Yummly for a recipe which is pretty cool. The site asks a number of questions in order to target the best options. The Yellow Thai Curry I’m making is from that site, which linked to another site included the recipe. What appealed to me about this one was that it was for the slow cooker. If I can get my appliances to do the work for me, it’s a bonus! I doubled the amount of garam masala after I read comments about it being a little bland.

Next up is a Tex-Mex dish, Thug Kitchen’s Pumpkin Chili that I made better with ground turkey. Chili without meat is like a day without sunshine, in my opinion. Even with the added pumpkin to increase the bulk of this chili. We will top it with cashew sour cream, guacamole and salsa and a handful of blue corn chips.

I’m going to have my second take at the Healing Kitchen’s gluten free crust. Anthony is a ham and pineapple guy and if he’s down with it, I’m down with it.  Rowe Farms, as I’ve mentioned before, makes a good chemical-nitrate free ham.

In the slow cooker, I’m going to make my sweet potatoes. It’s the time of the year when potatoes are a must have! I’m also going make brown rice in the instant pot. As well, my typical grilled trout will be on the menu.

This weekend we picked up some Yamchops vegan parmesan. They don’t list the ingredients, but they mention that it’s made with hemp. I sprinked some over some zoodles [zuchini noodles], olive oil and bison sausage which I got a MacMillan Orchards in Oshawa, Ontario. It was okay. Definitely not like the actual cheese but if you like to sprinkle something on to bump up the fat content, then it’s a good option. Also we test drove some live organic bar brand raw nacho cheese crackers. As you can imagine, they were extremely healthy tasting [you know what I mean], but good enough that I kept eating them.

I think what made my weekend  was the ultimate in delish – fresh coconut. I bought a coconut to drink and was told to bring it back so that they could chop it open for me. I came back with my coconut and they cut it and made a little spoon out of the shell part so I could scoop it out. It was amazing. Decadent, rich, fresh tasting. All kinds of good.

Stay balanced. Make sure you have some of the more indulgent foods in your life as well as the healthy stuff.


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