Level up your spiritual practice and it’ll amplify your happiness no matter what happens.

You meditate and get yourself to a good place and then you go out into the world or you  “less spiritually inclined”spouse comes home and it unravels the carefully created feeling of calm and peace you just cultivated. The truth is, nobody in the world – even the worst person can shake a person’s calm and peace if it’s genuine. Part of developing a meditation practice is developing an authentic and intrinsic sense of well-being that no external events can shake. That’s why most spiritual people are also have the most infectious laughter bubbling up from within.

Embracing uncertainty is a sign that your spiritual practice is helping you. Even if you have several decks of tarot cards, runes and oracle cards, you still can’t account for everything in your life. Uncertainty is guaranteed in life – it’s the only thing that’s guaranteed. Instead of worrying about an uncertain future, bolster yourself in the present moment. Savour the good times. Be thankful for all you have in life. When you look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs, they have a lot of uncertainty in their lives. And a lot of failure. But they also have a lot of amazing things – wealth, fulfilling career, character and personal strength. If you think about the number one worrier in your life how happy, successful and fulfilled are they? Probably not a lot or they’d have other things to do than to cling to the status quo.

Being magnanimous just because it’s the right thing to do feels good. There are going to be selfish, cranky and rude people in the world. I have fallen into the trap of returning woe for woe. Holding the door open for someone because it’s my values in life and who I want to be instead of looking for a thank you has been a big relief for me. It takes the mental energy of deciding if I want to extend courtesy to that person who just shoved past me to get on the bus. I just do because I am a person who is good to everyone.

Having a solid sense of self and who I am is key to my happiness. I read somewhere that with every decision you make you create your identity. I don’t want to create myself as an a-hole who flies off the handle at the slightest provocation. I want to give love and receive love. I want to be happy most of the time. Every moment of the day, my actions and thoughts create this happy person.

The deeper you get into your meditation practice, the more you realize that there is a constant connection to a greater presence we all have to our Source, whether you call it the Universe, the Gods or whatever. It’s the refuge we truly have in life and luckily it’s available to anyone who wants it.


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