Come to the dark side, we have chocolate.

Chocolate is the number one most craved food in the world.  The majority of the people who regularly indulge in chocolate are women. It sends us into a state of bliss after one bite – and this isn’t just anecdotal evidence, it’s been scientifically proven. I love dark chocolate and I eat a square every day of 85% chocolate which has only 1.5 grams of sugar [which is ¼ of a teaspoon].

There are amazing health benefits in chocolate – it’s got antioxidant properties that protect us from dis-ease causing free radicals, it improves blood pressure and cognitive function and can improve heart health. That’s the good news. The bad news is that most people’s beloved Hershey bar doesn’t haven’t any of these great benefits because not only is there a small amount of cocoa in the bar [which is where all these great health benefits come from], but it’s loaded with sugar, dairy and emulsifiers that negate any of the benefits of eating chocolate.

If you are looking to enjoy an indulgence that loves you back, it’s got to be dark chocolate that is 85% or more cocoa. The 85% mark is the sweet spot with most bars because bars with a higher level of cocoa are processed so that some of the bitter elements of the chocolate aren’t prevalent. This processing does reduce the nutritional value and honestly, 99% cocoa is no longer an indulgence. It’s like eating a piece of semi-sweet chalk.

One of the beautiful reasons I love dark chocolate as well is that it’s satisfying. One or two squares is perfect for me, I don’t feel that I need to eat the entire bars thanks to the rich and powerful flavour and lower sugar content.

Another benefit of eating dark chocolate is that most of the higher end chocolate brands produce fair trade chocolate. If buying ethical products are important to you fairly mainstream brands like Green and Black’s sells fair trade bars.

See you on the dark side!


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