Don’t talk dirty to me when it comes to my make-up.

Not only are you what you eat, but what you are also slather on your skin and hair. Not only was I shocked at the yuk ingredients in many of the grooming and cosmetics products that I used, but also the fact that the organic equivalent is about the same cost. Your skin soaks up a lot of stuff – good, bad and ugly and so what I put on my skin is as important as what I ingest.

There are some amazing resources to help find good products. Think Dirty is an app where you can take a bar scan of the products you use and look at the rating for toxicity. I was stunned when my belovedQuo bronzer came back a 10/10 for toxicity. Environmental Working Group also has a really comprehensive listing of products as well in their Skin Deep database. Usually what I do when looking for a new product is weigh the toxic load with the price – sometimes getting a 2/10 product which is fairly non-toxic for half the price of a 0/10 product might be a good compromise if you are looking to keep a few dollars back or if it’s a higher priced item. As well, always read Makeup Alley and Ulta reviews before making a purchase. I’ve bought organic mascara only to have raccoon eyes 20 minutes after application which was what everyone else who reviewed the mascara experienced. Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean that it’s good.

For me, having the product be work well and cost effective is important. If I had an unlimited budget, having the best of the best would be easy peasy. Here are some products I’ve recently switched to that I think are great:

I wear bronzer daily and given that it covers a large amount of my face, parabens and lead are a deal breaker. Physician’s Formula has an organic bronzer which is pretty good. What I like is that you can build it up – lighter for day and then layer it on for evening. Some reviewers said that it smells and I put my nose right to it [probably not a good idea] and took a big whiff. It doesn’t smell like artificial fragrance, but it doesn’t smell terrible.

Mascara is a necessity in my life. And it needs to go on well, not smudge and also needs to wash off easily. I have discovered Pacifica Stellar Gaze mascara which is nothing short of amazing. I favour the natural look and having thick, long lashes isn’t a priority. I want them to pop a bit and add a wee bit of drama. This product works perfectly for me.

I like my lipsticks and Burts Bees lipsticks are perfect. They won’t last all day, but they go on well and come off within a few hours. I actually prefer that to the caked on 5 hours later lipstick. Burts Bees is a fraction of the cost of a lot of the fancier organic lipsticks. For me, I’m about balancing the cost with the benefit.

I like to smell good and so I enjoy a good misting of perfume. One brand I like is Pacifica for perfume. It’s natural and doesn’t have a lot of the nasty stuff and comes in a bunch of awesome scents. I loved the Indian Coconut Nectar and currently am wearing the Mediterranean Fig.

Summer time is all about painting toes so a good nail polish is a must. I love Piggy Paint and their tagline is “more natural than mud”. It comes off easily with no-so-natural acetone remover or with a ton of scrubbing with their natural remover.

While I’m not colouring my hair, I have been looking at a natural dye in the event that I change my mind – Surya is a great line of henna products which include a henna cream which apparently fades away. I’ve not used it but it’s gotten amazing  reviews.

You can definitely stay pretty without the toxic load!


One thought on “Don’t talk dirty to me when it comes to my make-up.

  1. That’s true! I use as much as natural cosmetic products as possible. But some of the products such as mascara or face powder are worse in quality. Still think it’s worth to use natural counterparts. Better for us and the environment. I write about it on my blog. You can visit and say what you think. 🙂


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