Don’t let your well run dry – get your eight glasses easily

Most of us have one thing in common with our wellness – we don’t drink enough liquids. Even the most dedicated chuggers fall of the well once in a while and dry up. We need a lot of water. Generally speaking, women need two liters and men need about three.

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be just drinking plain ol’ lukewarm tapwater tho. There are a ton of options that don’t make you feel like you are drinking a yawn.

The most expensive and most of the time most convenient choice is the fancy zero calorie fancy water drinks like Vitamin Water Zero or fizzy flavoured water like Perrier or even a grocery store brand. These add a little something to your hydration without calories or funky sweeteners. [I’m not a huge fan of aspartame and so the Mio drink enhancers are not my thing]. These bottles are 500 -600 ml so that’s a quarter of your intake if you are a woman.

You can have water with your breakfast, or better yet, have a smoothie for breakfast which is liquid AND food. I love smoothies for breakfast because it’s a great way to get a lot of nutrition in the morning to start your day with the right fuel. Failing that, having a glass of water to rehydrate after eight hours or so of sleep can also help kick of your hydration. Even one small cup is 250ml and makes up for and eighth right there.

Have soup for lunch. Soup is a great  way to stay hydrated as it counts towards your liquids and is a healthy meal. That could be another 250ml of liquds. If you are feeling like getting busy in the kitchen, Thug Kitchen has some of the best soup recipes I’ve had. If not, Imagine soups are dairy free and creamy and freaking delicious.

There is nothing I love more than a big ass mug of herbal tea. Like most tea lovers, I have the overflowing tea cupboard. You can drink herbal teas hot or make an iced tea out of them. If you want to get super hippy, you can make “sun tea” where you steep the tea in room temperature water the sun all day. There are a variety of uses of herbal teas – chamomile is great for calming your nerves, peppermint for gas, lemon which is invigorating, dandelion root to reduce bloating and water weight [great to do pre-beach vacation]. Herbal tea won’t get funky if you leave it for a few hours like tea with milk. Half the time it tastes just as good cold as it does hot. A giant mug can be about 750ml.

Make bone broth an afternoon pick me up or have with your lunch – if you can stand it , I personally don’t like the acidicity of it. But a lot of people enjoy it and swear by the health benefits.

Juicy fruits and vegetables are a great way to get some liquids. Cucumber, oranges, melon, peppers are all great sources. This not only keeps you hydrated but gets you closer to the recommended amount of vegetables and fruit. It’s not going to be a significant amount, but every little bit helps.

You can jazz up water too with frozen berries, which are sweet when they start to thaw in the water or sliced cucumbers. Lemons are a classic addition to water as well and a hot mug of water with lemon can feel really comforting and my friend Chantal used to call it a “hot bath in a cup”.

The last one I’ll mention is coffee and black tea. The jury is out on whether or not it adds to or takes away from your hydration. Some say it’s a diuretic and you’ll pee out all the liquids and others say that if you are used to the caffeine and habitually drink coffee, you won’t have adverse effects and it’s a liquid and therefore hydrates you. That’s out of my pay grade so I’ll leave it for you to decide.

So when you think about all these ideas, spread over 16 hours that you are awake, it’s not so much anymore. Our problem is that at 4:00pm we feel that telltale dryness in our mouths and then we race to drink as much as we possibly can. Which results in about six bathroom trips over the course of an hour and a promise to not drink that much water in that short a period of time again. Amirite?

Drink up in small sips throughout the day and your well won’t run dry.




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