Putting on the big girl panties and dealing with stuff.

We’ve all had those moments where you have to deal with something and you just want to crawl under your covers and cry. Millenials call it Adulting. At 43, I’ve had many of those moments having earned my adult card decades ago. I punched another hole in the card on Tuesday when I went to open the blinds in my bedroom and they came crashing down.

As a city dweller, the lights from other buildings light up the bedroom at night so it was important I get ‘er done. Anthony had to leave for work at 8am so thankfully some of the load was lessened with a car ride to Lowe’s to purchase new blinds and a drill.

I kissed Anthony goodbye and set my sights on the drill. In my mind, it would have been easy peasy. But looking at all those drill bits and the new tool I was in panic mode. Fortunately thanks to some inner resources, You Tube and my ability to improvise the blinds were hung before I left for work at 11am – and those bad boys are NOT coming down.

It can be tough when we are facing something new, especially when there’s a budget or time limit involved. I’ve been watching a show called Life Below Zero and seeing how these people make a life for themselves in the arctic and face every challenge with gusto has given me inspiration. Having a role model or someone to look up to helps a ton. You can see firsthand how someone else handles challenges or adversity and model their behavior or at least have the reassurance that it’s possible.

Patience is also key. We expect things are going to be done and settled immediately. Our need for security and sameness is becoming the norm for us. Our foreparents never had this. It was trial and error and being okay with a few errors back then. If Mike Holmes inspected my blinds, I’m sure I would have gotten more than a few criticisms. It wasn’t pretty behind the blinds and at one point I even had to use automotive glue to reattach a part of the conrete wall that fell off. I just suspended my judgement and saw it through. I tried things and they didn’t work and I kept going until those suckers stayed on.

Let your emotions out in a healthy way. Swearing and crying usually go hand in hand with home improvement projects. Breaking things and verbally abusing people do not. Let it out and then pick yourself up and continue. There’s a lot of research suggesting that people who swear a lot are happier because they don’t have all this anger festering. I would say there needs to be a balance – if you are frusterated and you need to vent for a quick moment, that’s a good thing. If you are turning the room blue on a daily basis, you also might want to look at other anger management techniques.

There’s nothing more satisfying than successfully meeting a challenge – no matter how annoying it is at the time.




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