A course correction towards sleep.

pexels-photo-290164.jpegI recently had a long  and miserable bout of insomnia. It’s got to be the worst thing ever. I was walking around like a zombie and snapping at strangers on the subway. It wasn’t pretty and it’s not how I like to live at all. During this time, I was diligent in cleaning up my sleep habits – when I do something I don’t half ass it!! Here are the steps I took, which you might find useful if you ever find yourself staring at your alarm clock at 4am.

 1. Ditched [most of] the caffeine: I am down to one cup of matcha in the morning which I enjoy because it gives me the energy boost I need for my workouts in the morning. I also really enjoy the taste of it. My tea cupboard is overflowing with every flavour of herbal  tea – from dandelion root to apple cinnamon.

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